SKF Improves Efficiency in Maritime PMS

SKF introduces new, innovative instruments for trending your machinery on board, store, report and post-process engine room’s and deck arrangement installations!


SKF Marine Microlog: Spectrum Analysis, Run Up & Coast Down Modules. Know engineers have the ability to check all auxiliary machinery health according to vibration notations provided by classes’ notations, stored & pre-installed in a huge library inside this instrument.


SKF Condition Indicator: The SKF Machine Condition Indicator is an economical vibration sensor and indicator for monitoring of non-critical machines. It is ideal for machinery with constant operating conditions not previously monitored in plants. The device can be compared to the “check engine” light in a car.

SKF Condition Advisor: SKF Machine Condition Advisor simultaneously measures vibration signals and temperature to indicate machine health or bearing damage. Equipping your maintenance and operations personnel with this rugged, ergonomic and easy-to-use instrument can provide early warning of potential machine problems before failure occurs.

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