Thousands of electric motor and control solutions. One matched perfectly to your needs.

For more than 100 years, the Regal Rexnord electric motor brands (ROTOR, CEMP, MARATHON) have kept the residential, commercial, and industrial marketplace in motion. Regal Rexnord is a leading designer and manufacturer of single and three phase AC motors including NEMA® and IEC enclosures, DC motors, gearmotors, low and medium voltage motors, and variable-speed control solutions.

Innovative motors include axial and radial flux designs with integrated controls for optimum performance. Our broad range of electric motors provide high quality, energy efficient solutions for hundreds of industries around the world including HVAC, refrigeration, pumping, fans and blowers, compressors, and industrial machinery.

Look to Regal Rexnord for innovative solutions and personalized service through your local sales office or at your preferred wholesaler for replacement motors.
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IE4 motor

Fast supplier of customizable stock motors. The ROTOR® brand is one of the world leaders in marine applications of motors for cranes, winches, propulsion,

IE3 motor

The three-phase asynchronous motor (or three-phase induction motor) is a squirrel-cage type motor, powered by a 3-phase AC voltage system

Multi speed motor

This motor is a variant of the three-phase asynchronous motor, fed by a three-phase AC system

Open drip proof IP23

IP23 motors are open type motors with an IC01 cooling designation. This allows the motor to be cooled better and allows the motor a higher power density

Brake motor

Only the best quality brakes are selected for Rotor NL® Brake Motors. We use specific application data to produce our brake motors

Marine duty motor

Both mechanical and electrical standard versions of Rotor NL® electric motors can perform in marine and offshore applications

Crane & offshore motor

Lifting and offshore applications face the major challenges of complex duty cycles and extreme conditions

Water cooled motor

Water-cooled motors (otherwise known as TEWAC or IC81W motors) feature a water cooler/heat exchanger fitted to the motor

ATEX flameproof enclosure

These cast iron motors are designed to stop an ignition internally. In EEx-d motors, flame paths must never exceed the required dimensions

ATEX increased safety

Electrical equipment built following the Ex-e protection method may not contain any parts that under normal use

ATEX non sparking

Protection in these motors is achieved by preventing sparks and high temperatures in or on parts of the electric motor which could cause an explosion

ATEX dust hazardous area

Ex II 2D and Ex II 3D according to EN 50014 and EN 50281-1-1: The protection method for explosion-proof motors is achieved

IP68 submersible motor

IP68 motors are suitable for use under water and extreme conditions. They can be used at any work angle

IEC Hazardous Area Motors

E..AB / E..AC IE3-IE4. The main Industries these brake motors are used for

IEC Hazardous Area Brake Motors

E..DB / E..DC / E..HB / E..HC IE3-IE4. The main Industries these brake motors are used for

IEC Increased Safety And Dust Proof Motor

E..AN / E..AD / E..AQ IE3-IE4. According to standards

IEC Increased Safety And Dust Proof TCN/TCT IE3-IE4

TCN / TCT IE3-IE4 MADE IN ITALY. According to standards

Safe Area Motors TCI IE3/IE4

TCI series motors, built on the global low voltage TerraMAX motor platform, are IE3 & IE4 efficiency totally enclosed fan cooled motors

NEMA Motors

According to standards: NEMA MG1-2006, Part 31, Section 4.4.2

Black Max® Inverter Duty Motor

The Black Max® motors are designed for VFD or vector applications requiring full rated torque at zero speed using closed or open-loop controls

XRI® – 841 Motor

XRI® - 841 severe duty motors meet the IEEE841 standard. They are designed for the oil, gas, chemical industries along with applications

XRI® – Crusher Duty Motor

The XRI® - Crusher Duty motor is built tough for the toughest environments and applications in the aggregate, mining, and cement industries

Blue Chip Series® XRI® – Hazardous Duty® Motor

Our Blue Chip Series® XRI®- Hazardous Duty® motor is designed for “Mission Critical” applications in oil, gas & chemical industries

Blue Chip Series® XRI® – Medium Voltage Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Medium Voltage motors incorporate Open, WPI, WPII, TEFC, TEWAC and TEACC enclosures

Blue Chip Series® XRI® Motor

Blue Chip Series® XRI® motors are used in commercial and industrial applications where IE3 efficiencies and cast iron construction are required

Blue Max® Inverter Duty Motor

Blue MAX® Inverter Duty motors are designed for inverter and vector applications where severe duty features are married

CDA Series Motor

Our CDA range of motors are an IE3 efficiency cast iron motors designed for general purpose industrial environments

Endurance Series® Motors

Medium Voltage Motors’ enclosures include Drip Proof, WPI, WPII, TEFC, TEAAC and TEWAC with HP ratings through 6000

Flex-in-1™ General Purpose Motors

Marathon Motors Flex-in-1™ general purpose motors are not your ordinary motor. They are designed to offer you out of the box easy configuration

Hazardous Duty® Explosion Proof Motors

Our Marathon® Motors Hazardous Duty® family of motor products continues to lead the motor industry in efficiency and performance

Globetrotter® Totally Enclosed Motors

Our complete line of Globetrotter® general purpose motors are built for tough applications. These motors are designed for industrial applications

microMAX™ Inverter Duty Motor

Our microMAX™ Inverter Duty motor is ideal for conveyors, pumps, air moving and industrial machinery where high performance

microMAX™ Plus Inverter Duty Motor

microMAX™ Plus Inverter Duty motors are designed for use when brakes and encoders are required for industrial machinery

SyMAX® Motor

Our SyMAX® PMAC radial flux motors are designed for pump, fan, compressor and industrial machinery applications where IE4 efficiencies are required

SyMAX®-i Motor

SyMAX®-i PMAC radial flux integrated motors are the perfect choice for axial fan applications where a small profile, light weight design and IE4 efficienc


The SyMAX-PRO® motor delivers the most efficient HVAC/R motor pound for pound while hosting an integrated controller that allows

TerraMAX® Motors

TerraMAX® is the global IEC low voltage motor platform, which has been engineered to deliver best in class performance, efficiency and product

Ultimate e® Motor

The Ultimate e® line of general purpose motors are designed for rugged commercial and industrial applications such as the aggregate and quarry industry

XRI® – Severe Duty® Motor

Our Precision Balanced 3 Phase Electric Motors XRI® Severe Duty Line is designed to be used on severe duty environments where long life

JP Close Couple Pump Motors

Our JP Close-Coupled Pump Motors' enclosures include Drip Proof and TEFC with ratings up to 50 HP

JM Close Couple Pump Motors

Our JM Close-Coupled Pump Motors' enclosures include Drip Proof and TEFC with ratings up to 50 HP