Shaft braking systems

STL - Stop Turn Locking System

DELLNER BUBENZER is a global leader in the design and manufacture of braking systems for the material handling, crane & hoist, container handling, mining, marine, industrial, offshore, oil & gas, and wind energy sectors.

STOPPING: Up to 285 000 Nm
TURNING: 227 000 Nm
LOCKING: 600 000 Nm

The STL Systems are "multi-function" units, all contained within one interface. It is indeed a modular system that you can choose the function(s) needed. All from single, S (Stopping) T (Turning) or L (Locking) functions. Combined dual or triple functions in terms of SL, ST, TL, to a complete STL system can be selected. Each system contain a unique control system that communicate and integrate with superior system for easy operation and control.

  • Individual stopping, turning and locking functions
  • Dual functions: Stop and Turn, Stop and Lock, Turn and lock
  • A complete, turning and locking system
  • Control systems designed and/or customized to meet platform unique integration
  • Hydraulic
  • Electric
  • Manual
  • Standard or Custom packages
  • Shock and vibration approved configurations
  • Hand held control units