Relubrication Program

Quick tool for relubrication calculation - SKF Dialset®

SKF Re-lubrication Calculation Program DialSet has been designed to help you to set up your SKF automatic lubricators.

After selecting the criteria and grease appropriate for your application, the program provides you with the correct settings for your SKF automatic lubricators.

It also provides a quick and simple tool for relubrication intervals and quantity calculations.

  • Allows quick calculation of the relubrication intervals based on the operating conditions of your application.
  • Calculations are based on SKF lubrication theories.
  • Calculated lubrication intervals depend on the properties of the selected grease, thereby minimising the risk of under- or over-lubrication and optimising grease consumption.
  • Calculations take into account SKF automatic lubrication systems, grease dispense rates, thus facilitating the selection of the correct lubricator setting.
  • Recommended grease quantity depends on the grease replenishment position; side or W33 for optimum grease consumption.
  • Includes a complete list of the SKF SYSTEM 24 accessories.

Lubrication matters. But do you know how much?

For every industry, lubrication is vital to the performance of rotating equipment; when over 40% of maintenance cost are related to poor lubrication, proper management is crucial.

No matter where in the lubrication management journey you are, with SKF you can boost the performance that matters to your business.