Maintenance products

Help your bearing to achieve its maximum service life!

Every bearing has a certain service life potential. Research has shown that, for various reasons, not every bearing achieves it.

Important stages which have a major impact on a bearing service life can be recognised during the bearing’s lifecycle.

These stages are mounting, lubrication, alignment, basic condition monitoring and dismounting.

The stages in a bearing life cycle are extremely important for achieving the maximum service life of the bearing.

By applying the right maintenance practices and using the correct tools, you can considerably extend your bearing’s service life and increase plant productivity and efficiency.

Hydraulic tools for mounting and dismounting

Medium and large SKF bearings with a tapered bore are often mounted using hydraulic equipment. SKF tools and techniques enable a controlled and precise way for SKF bearings...

Mechanical tools for mounting and dismounting

Small and medium size bearings are generally cold mounted. Traditional methods can cause forces to be transmitted through the rolling elements, resulting in damage...

Heaters for mounting and dismounting

Incorrect methods account for 16% of premature bearing failures SKF Induction heaters utilise advanced power electronics with application specific designs for...

Alignment tools

Misalignment of shafts, belt drives and chain drives is a major contributor to rotating machinery breakdowns. Accurate alignment can prevent a large number of machinery breakdowns and reduce the number of...

Rotating equipment performance 

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Generalized Bearing
Life Model (GBLM)

Choose the right bearing for the right application, every time. The GBLM lets SKF customers and distributors calculate whether a hybrid bearing will outperform a steel one in a given application – or not.