Marine & Shipping Industry

Our marine and shipping solutions are designed to provide, reliable, intelligent, clean products and services to keep vessel operations running smoothly with a full portfolio of solutions.

Running an efficient and profitable business in the marine industry is far from plain sailing.

Coping with rough sea conditions, rising costs in a competitive market, increasing environmental and safety regulations as well as technical knowledge gaps in reduced crew numbers, requires not only great determination but access to products and services that can really be relied upon.

Whether you are operating a single vessel or an entire fleet, your applications are designed to meet your requirements by supporting you throughout their complete life cycle with a wide portfolio of services and products.

Providing products and services for marine and shipping industry

Rolling bearings
Mounted Bearings
and Housings
Mounted Bearings and Housings
Marine Bearings
Marine Bearings – ORKOT
Lubrication &
Pump systems
Lubrication & Pump systems
Engineering services
braking system
Shaft braking system

Wärtsilä products 

Value throughout the life cycle

We always make sure to offer cost-effective solutions.

Our focus is not only your immediate needs, but the entire life cycle of your engine and the investment that it is. And to make sure that you only get the best spare parts, we have a close relationship with the best makers in the world.

The right sourcing. Sourcing from top of the line European manufacturers.

Low overhead. Streamlined logistic process and low overhead costs.

Best value. Competitive offers and quality service.