J. & E. Papadopoulos SA is since many years an authorized distributor of DURBAL® in Greece.

DURBAL Metallwarenfabrik GmbH, Germany develops and produces since 1979 high quality sliding- and antifriction bearing rod ends and spherical plain bearings

for the mechanical engineering, packaging and food industries.

They are also used very successful in the railway, renewable energy sectors, automation, robotics, agriculture-, pharmaceutical-, medical- and as well as the automotive/motorsport industry.

With its products in the DURBAL Premium Line, the DURBAL Classic Line and the DURBAL Basic Line, DURBAL offers a very broad portfolio of rod ends and spherical plain bearings.

They produce a catalogue of approx. 2,200 standard articles, concentrating to date on many sectors of industry, with individual items also being used in marine and crane applications.

The sliding- and antifriction bearing rod ends and spherical plain bearings for the aforementioned industrial sectors are also available in stainless steel.


Years on the Market


Standard Products

DURBAL Premium Line contains heavy duty rod ends and spherical plain bearings with integrated self-aligning roller bearings or ball bearings.

The heavy-duty rod ends of the DURBAL Classic Line have an integrated (maintenance free) or pressed spherical plain bearing (maintenance required).

Besides that, they offer maintenance free heavy-duty spherical plain bearings with their DURBAL-Glide.

The DURBAL Basic Line includes a comprehensive product range:

  • Maintenance free or -required standard rod ends and spherical plain bearings
  • Hydraulic rod ends with female thread or with welding studs for hydraulic cylinders
  • Clevises with suitable folding spring bolts, angle joints and accessories

They also develop customer-specific linkages (system) solutions, to ensure the optimum functioning of all operations involving bearings.

Additionally, they also produce special products to customers specifications from their comprehensive range of products in the DURBAL Premium, Classic and Basic Lines.

All DURBAL products offer outstanding value for money, which ensures that customers can always find the right solution with the DURBAL brand.