Power transmission solutions

Create your power transmission solutions using our vast product range, backed by years of industry expertise.

Designing your power transmission system, and keeping it running smoothly and profitably, is a complex challenge.

To help you improve rotating equipment performance, we have an extensive range of products and support services.

We offer you high-quality components for designing and maintaining a power transmission system, on fast turnaround. These include belts, chains, pulleys, sprockets, couplings, bushings and hubs, plus bolts and tightening systems. Each can be customised to meet your specific needs. A choice of bearings, seals and lubricants is also available, offering you the full spectrum of products from a single source.

All these components have been used extensively to boost machine efficiency in power transmission applications, backed by expert advice. Specifying proven, quality products leads to greater reliability, reduced maintenance and a faster return on investment. This contributes to a lower total cost of ownership.

In addition, a suite of engineering tools – such as belt and chain drive calculators – helps you specify a precise solution.

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Rotating equipment performance 

Are you getting 100% from your equipment? Address your specific performance needs through our wide assortment of products, technologies, services and flexible new business models

Generalized Bearing
Life Model (GBLM)

Choose the right bearing for the right application, every time. The GBLM lets SKF customers and distributors calculate whether a hybrid bearing will outperform a steel one in a given application – or not.