Vibration Measurements & Analysis

How do you prevent failures and machine break downs?

How do you minimize downtime and reduce the costs of maintenance?

And how do you optimize performance while minimizing waste and emissions?

The answer is by using connected technologies from SKF

The first step is to connect to your machinery and collect the relevant data. This can be done by taking data from your current sensor, connected machinery process systems and data historian and providing any additional sensors and portable or online data acquisition technology needed to monitor your critical, semi critical and even your balance of plant assets
The next step is to detect any issues by interpreting this big data, using a combination of analysis tools, including artificial intelligence, automated machine learning, and expert fault verification systems, on site or with cloud based and remote diagnostic solutions
In the third step insights from your data are presented in easy to understand dashboards, informing and advising when a problem arises, what it is, what to do about it and how to resolve it
The final step is about working together with you to improve your operations. We want to do this in a new way, where our interests are aligned from the start. This fee and performance based approach reduces your risk and makes it easier for you to continually benefit from the latest industry 4.0 and IoT technologies without the need for significant upfront investment. Helping you move from the transactional purchasing of technology and products to purchasing rotation as a service

SKF Microlog

Further we would like to recommend you the SKF Microlog data collectors/analyzers. Unmatched versatility, reliability and functionality have made the SKF Microlog analyzer series of data collectors the premier choice for portable, handheld condition monitoring units.

Designed to help users establish or upgrade an existing condition monitoring programme, the range includes route-based instruments, which work with powerful SKF predictive maintenance software systems, and stand-alone instruments that offer on-the-spot advice and signal analysis capabilities. SKF Microlog analyzers handle the tasks required to perform predictive maintenance on rotating machinery in countless industries, making it easier to collect, analyse, use and share machine condition data. SKF Microlog Analyzers are certified for use in hazardous areas requiring Class I Division 2 or ATEX Zone 2 certifications.

SKF Microlog analyzers automatically collect both dynamic (vibration) and static (process) measurements from almost any source, including:

  • Handheld accelerometers
  • Magnetically mounted accelerometers
  • Permanently mounted vibration sensors
  • On-line monitoring systems

You can also collect temperature measurements with a non-contact infrared sensor or with a contact probe. So whether your condition monitoring programme is just getting started or moving to the next level, the SKF Microlog series can handle all of the tasks required to perform maintenance on a wide range of rotating machinery