J. & E. Papadopoulos SA is since many years an authorized distributor of Orkot® in Greece.

Orkot® TLMM & TXMM Marine Bearings for rudder, Pintle,  stern & propeller shaft positions, manufactured and developed by Trelleborg, are the world's leading composite bearings for the Marine and Offshore industries.

More than 30 years of expertise in marine bearings. They are manufactured from a unique synthetic composition incorporating solid lubricants for dry running to ensure outstanding wear life.

Supported by an extensive global network of manufacturing facilities and marketing companies, agents and distributors, together with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions we are able to offer service to the highest quality levels associated with a leading company within the marine industry.

Significant experience has been gained within the shipbuilding and offshore industries on a wide range of applications on board vessels.




Years on the Market



Best Features

  • Dimensionally Stable - Virtually 0% swell in water
  • Easy Installation - Freeze fit, press-fit, bonding, or mechanically fastened. Can be freeze fitted without danger of shattering
  • Easily Machined onsite - As a general guide, can be machined using the same methods for brass, aluminum, or lignum vitae will apply to Orkot® materials
  • Environmentally friendly - Water-lubricated bearings or can run dry without the need for external lubricants
  • Exceptional Wear Resistance - Tolerant to edge loading and misalignment.
  • Low Friction - Specialized low friction bearing surface to extend dry running capabilities and further reduce friction and wear rates

How is Orkot® Manufactured?

The drawing below illustrates how Orkot® thermoset composite materials are made.

The manufacturing process incorporates a woven fabric and solid lubricants within a thermosetting resin matrix.

Orkot® is a composite material designed to replace traditional metal bearings and eliminate grease.

Composite bearings can be used in many propulsion, steering, and deck machinery bearing applications.

They are installed on over 2000 vessels worldwide without any issues and protects housings from corrosion.