J. & E. Papadopoulos SA is since many years an authorized distributor of ROLLWAY® in Greece.

ROLLWAY® belongs to the REGAL REXNORD Group, being one of the first companies to manufacture brass cage bearings, as well as being one of the oldest companies manufacturing bearings (1908).

They offer over 5000 different types of standard ball bearings.

They are produced in first class manufacturing facilities according to the latest ISO standards.

Continuous improvements are implemented to keep pace with the technological developments of the different industries.

The company's European distribution center for its products is in Belgium. It manufactures ball bearings from 10 mm to 1400 mm shaft diameter.


Years on the Market


Types of standard Ball Bearings



It certifies its production processes as follows

  • Raw material certificate (steel)
  • Forging process flow record (traceability card)
  • Heat treatment flow record
  • Hardness check in lab: rollers and balls
  • Fine roller grinding machine: CNC (roughness average 0,18μm)
  • Ring grinding final dimensions inspection report
  • Crack check before assembly
  • Visual roller check before assembly
  • Measurement of cages
  • Spherical: dimension check before assembly (green label with 'QC PASS')

ROLLWAY® bearings have played a significant role in the open ball and roller bearing industry, providing high quality standard and metric bearings to a wide array of OEM and end users for over 100 years.

  • Cylindrical Radial Roller Bearings
  • Tapered Roller Bearings
  • Spherical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical radial roller bearings facilitate ease of mounting and dismounting, particularly where both races are an interference fit on their seating.

Tapered radial roller bearings create a line of contact between the raceway and rolling element distributing loads across a larger area and can accept heavier X & Y load capacities.

Spherical roller bearings create an elliptical shaped contact area that is larger than a ball bearing making them ideal where static and dynamic misalignment is present.