J. & E. Papadopoulos SA is since many years an authorized distributor of JAURE® in Greece.

Jaure® belongs to the Regal Rexnord Group.

It was formed in 1958 and is an European leader in the production of flexible couplings, hydraulic couplings and transmission elements.

In 2006 they became part of Power Transmission Solutions, partnering with Kop-Flex® brand.

This combination provides global solutions for applications requirements in the most demanding sectors of the world couplings market.


Years on the Market


Sales Networks

From the beginning, Jaure adopted a strategy of excellence in client service and attention in two distinct business lines:

Design and production of couplings and special transmission components adapted to the needs of our clients.

They are the preferred suppliers to the world's foremost engineering firms and equipment managers, including leader in the sectors of Iron and Steel, Shipbuilding, Wind Power, Elevators, Railroads, Paper-Milling, or Petrochemicals.

The design, production, and sale of all Jaure couplings and transmission elements are integrated into their Quality System. This conforms to the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard and is certified by DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV). Likewise they hold product certificates, or "TYPE APPROVALS," for different ranges of couplings from companies like ABS, DNV, GL, etc.

Jaure brand has a long history of providing excellent client service and superior customer support experience.

Their philosophy of continuous improvement has made them a national leader, as well as a benchmark company at the international level in the flexible couplings sector.

They are capable of offering quality solutions for manufacturers in the steel, shipbuilding, wind-farming, and industrial sectors.