J.& E. Papadopoulos SA is recently an authorized distributor of PROFISEAL® in Greece.

ProfiSeal is the supplier of the world's only fireproof bulkhead seals for drive shafts. Like conventional bulkhead seals, the fireproof version has the task of sealing bulkhead openings for shafts.

In addition, fireproof bulkhead seals ensure that fireproof bulkheads are actually fireproof.

In the event of a fire, carbon dioxide is released inside the seal, which protects the actual sealing rings by smothering the fire at this point.

This prevents a fire in the engine room from spreading further into the ship.


Years on the Market



200 - 500 1mm

Shaft size diameters

ProfiSeal fireproof bulkhead seals are fireproof to A-60 and watertight, have a dry-running gap seal and are easy to install thanks to split housings and sealing rings.

Further to that ProfiSeal offers propellershaft with a shaft diameter of 20 to 90 millimetres and 100 to 280 millimetres and is available in both water- and oil-lubricated versions.

The axial sealing concept prevents the shaft from running in, which is otherwise common with radial seals.

In addition to the propellershaft, they offer the Pneumostop unit, an inflatable standstill seal.

This makes it possible to replace, repair or clean mechanical seals and propellershafts when the shaft is at a standstill without having to call in a shipyard.

ProfiSeal also produce Bulkhead sealing solutions. Bulkhead seals are designed to seal bulkhead openings to waves and protect adjacent spaces from flooding.

In the event of a leak, the sections adjacent to the bulkhead seal remain dry, allowing a safe return to port.

ProfiSeal bulkhead seals have a dry-running gap seal and are easy to install thanks to split housings and split sealing rings.

Optionally, the bulkhead seal can be pressurised with a sealing gas (e.g. compressed air, etc.). In this way, possible leakage can be kept at almost zero over a long period of time.