J. & E. Papadopoulos SA is since many years a distributor of BROWNING® in Greece.

Browning® belongs to the Regal Rexnord Group.

These products are here to keep your equipment running as efficiently and long as possible.

For tough applications, we offer Browning® V-belt drives and helical shaft-mounted speed reducers, as well as a broad range of gearing, bearings, and sprockets.

We started with large industrial pulleys in 1886, and over time expanded to specialize in high performance v-belt drive and mounted products
for air-handling applications and gearboxes designed for maximum life in rugged industrial environments.


Years on the Market



OEMs and contractors prefer Browning products not just for their longevity, but because of the tools that are available to connect you with our engineering specialists, including the Belt Drive Audit tool in the Toolbox Technician® app.

Once you input your air handing drive information, our technical engineers calculate the best optimized drive for your application, complete with ROI.

Online, our Edge™ (Engineered Design, Guaranteed Economy) V-Belt drive optimization software also helps to select the lowest cost, most torque dense drives to improve the performance of your air handling equipment by maximizing efficiency and generating optimal air flow while requiring the least amount of energy.

Helical shaft-mounted speed reducers and in-line gear reducers are built to keep out contaminants and eliminate as much unplanned downtime as possible.

We’ve engineered innovative bushing systems over decades for ease of installation and maximum shaft locking capacity.