J. & E. Papadopoulos SA is recently an authorized distributor of CARCO - PRP® in Greece.

More than a century of experience

From leather seals for the first hydropower plants to modern sealing solutions.

This is the evolution of CARCO – PRP in more than a century, manufacturing rotary shaft seals and hydraulic seals for all diameters, in fabric reinforced elastomers and in thermoplastic polymers.

They keep greatest attention to quality since they dedicate to challenging and critical applications, with no room for mistakes.

Today CARCO – PRP is part of a group of companies specialized in the design and manufacture of seals until 3 meter diameter, employing more than 350 people and with production sites in Italy, the USA and Canada.




Meter Diameter


Short delivery time is part of their image, even when they deliver large diameter seals for metal forging presses or for giant wind mills or for ceramic presses.

They are proud of remaining always above 98% of orders delivered on time.


They are specialized in a large variety of applications: to satisfy the customer’s requirements they need to know deeply the machinery in which their seal is fitted.

Their technical department specifies the suitable seal profile and material to offer the longest seal life and prevent costly machine shutdown.

Their technical support includes the definition of metalwork finishing, lubrication system and future maintenance.


They dispose of one the largest hydraulic press in the world for the vulcanization of seals in fabric reinforced elastomers (3 mt.); a long series of presses cover the complete size range.

The department of thermoplastics machining disposes of several CNC lathe machines up to 3 meter diameter. Their technology of hot and cold bonding enables the production of giant seals.

Research and development

CARCO – PRP engineers can design customized seals based on working conditions provided by the machine manufacturers.

With finite element analysis they predict the behaviour of the seal, with their test rigs they explore new projects and with their laboratory they develop new materials and verify the quality of the raw materials.