J. & E. Papadopoulos SA is since many decades an authorized distributor of igus® in Greece.

Günter Blase began igus® back on 15th October 1964 in a double garage in Cologne. For the first 20 years, the company worked as a supplier of complex technical polymer components.

However, in 1983 Frank Blase established reinforced plastic cable carriers and injection molded polymer bearings as two distinct product groups and set up a network of sales engineers.

These seemingly unrelated products are linked together through the belief in making functionally advanced, yet affordable polymer components and assemblies.

Between 1985 and 2022, igus® grew from 40 to more than 4.600 employees distributed between the head office in Germany and 35 subsidiary companies around the world.

igus® also has representative partners in more than 35 other countries.

igus® will continue to invest in expansion in the coming years, thanks to the opportunities for growth provided by modern materials.





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Tech up and cost down - with performance plastics

The benefits of igus® products are as individual as your requirements. They all have one thing in common, whether they to do with bearing technology or energy supply systems: they are intended to improve technology and reduce costs in the process. Unique to igus® is certainly the prediction of the service life of their products and the free online tools, with which the service life can be calculated.

Where did they get the data? From their test laboratory, which is also unique in the industry with a size of 3,800 m² and around 15,000 annual tests. And from igus® customers, who gives them valuable information for development with their requirements and feedback.

More and more of igus® products are also available as smart plastics, where the material condition can be monitored and a possible replacement can be notified in good time.

Bearing technology - lubrication-free and durable

igus® materials and technology designs are diverse: high temperature, food­grade, high load, UV and chemical resistant, plain bearings, linear technology, self-aligning bearings, gears, lead screws, 3D printing, automation and more.

The core of their developments is friction optimization. All material mixtures are improved with filler and solid lubricants so that low friction values are achieved and no external lubrication is necessary. There are no lubrication intervals for trouble-free operation.

Their technology runs without maintenance interruption for as long as conditions permit. And since their materials are tailored to many conditions, this can be a very long time compared to other materials.

Chain + cable = energy supply - No output without input

The best bearing technology cannot show what added value it brings if the machine does not run at all - because it does not get any energy. Data cables, power cables and cables with media are neuralgic points of a machine, the cause of a failure can often be found here.

igus® energy chains and the cables optimized for movement have been developed to prevent failures and enable long service life. They are available as complete ready-to-install systems or as single parts.

Energy supply systems from igus are

  • Easily installed
  • Space-saving installation
  • Quiet operation
  • Robust in wind, weather, dirt and chemicals
  • Quickly retrofitted with individual cables

Energy supply systems from igus can

  • Cost down
  • A technical improvement
  • Service life calculation along with up to 36 months guarantee
  • Individually projected, worldwide
  • Guide energy, data, air and media in parallel

Low Cost Automation

The robolink® modular robotic system allows you to automate manual work steps quickly and easily.

Articulated arms in various lengths and sizes are available. The number of lubrication-free joints used ranges from two to six, and the robot can be equipped with various tools (e.g., grippers, suction cup, camera, etc.) as desired. robolink® robot components are characterised by their modularity.

As a modular system, a robot arm can be configured as desired and therefore economically, and moreover it is also possible to obtain ready-to-use complete systems.