J. & E. Papadopoulos SA is since many years an authorized distributor of KOP-FLEX® in Greece.

Kop-Flex® belongs to the Regal Rexnord Group.

These products continue to innovate the industry with leading solutions such as the evolutionary High-Performance Disc 2.0 coupling,torque monitoring systems, and patented ground bearing technology.

The strength of the brand lies in its ability to provide a wide range of critical applications from high speed, High Performance couplings for the Oil and Gas Industry,
to high torque gear spindles for Metals and Mining applications.

Introduced in 1920, Kop-Flex® products bring over 100 years of design and application experience to a wide range of industries. Kop-Flex products include gear, disc, diaphragm, resilient shaft couplings and monitoring products.

Kop-Flex Fast’s couplings, the first gear coupling, were introduced in the 1930s.


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Kop-Flex offers the broadest range of coupling products available on the market today – from high performance, high-speed disc, diaphragm and gear couplings to off-the-shelf, standard couplings as well as engineered gear, grid, jaw, elastomer, disc, universal joints and customized couplings to meet your unique application challenges.

Kop-Flex also offers the Powerlign Torque Monitoring System. With a wide variety of coupling products, Kop-Flex provides a single source for all your demanding application requirements.

Kop-Flex high performance coupling products fulfil customers’ needs for demanding turbomachinery applications such as steam or gas turbines and motor driven trains; compressors, generators; boiler feed pumps and special pumps for industries ranging from petrochemical, refinery, power plants, LNG, gas pipeline, test stands and more.

Kop-Flex also offers coupling products for rolling mills and casters in steel mills, paper machines (both wet and dry ends), mines, liquid handling pumps and motors (for processing or liquid handling applications) and more.

With more customized application designs than any other coupling provider, Kop-Flex products are engineered to meet API 671 and ISO 10441, or API 610 and ISO 13409, as well as your own specifications.

Kop-Flex has facilities in the U.S.A., Canada and Europe and a service centers located in Houston and Florence (U.S.A.) A state-of-art, European manufacturing and service center, based in Nove Mesto, Slovakia serves Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Unfortunately, no mechanical product can last forever and couplings are no exception. While Kop-Flex products are designed and built to last, many applications are so severe that rapid wear and/or coupling damage may occur

At Kop-Flex® repair facilities worldwide, they have the equipment and expertise to repair your couplings at a typical savings of 50%.

In two to six weeks, Kop-Flex engineers and field specialists work with clients to understand your application, make recommendations to improve life, create inspection reports and provide exact repair quotations.

All required repairs are completed and returned with a full hardware replacement and an original factory warranty.

Kop-Flex high performance couplings have been supplied to the global oil and gas industry for over 30 years and have amassed over one billion hours of reliable operation in API 671 applications.

Leveraging this experience, the next generation of disc coupling was developed to enable continued improvements in the turbomachinery equipment.

Gas turbines and compressors are being designed for increased efficiency by leveraging smaller form factors and higher speeds, creating rotordynamic challenges. To achieve the best weight and power density possible, a more compact coupling was designed and optimized for the torque requirements of the application.

Building on our foundation of reliability, safety and exceptional performance, the Kop-Flex High Performance Disc Coupling 2.0 was created for your highly engineered equipment.