J. & E. Papadopoulos SA is since many years an authorized distributor of EWELLIX® in Greece.

EWELLIX® is the leading global manufacturer and supplier of linear motion solutions, which incorporate state-of-the-art designs, components and digital technology.

They design, manufacture, and customise linear motion and linear actuators, including smart actuators, linear guides and ball and roller screws

for a variety of industrial applications that help customers shift to electrified solutions.

Founded over fifty years ago, they began pushing the boundaries of engineering to find better solutions to manufacturing challenges.

Today EWELLIX focus is a preferred partner for linear products and solutions




Years on the Market



They supply industry specific linear actuation solutions for a variety of industries. The key areas being medical, automotive manufacturing and mobile machinery.

They also provide solutions for factory automation, material forming as well as a number of general automation applications.

They have enabled many different types of manufacturers and organisations to improve and optimise their production and operations through the use of our linear actuation solutions.

Ewellix 7th axis solutions for collaborative and industrial robots.

They provides effective solutions to complete vertical and horizontal movement in a smart way, providing plug-and-play additional linear axis to the robot.

They designed them for different applications, giving your robot an extended operational range.